Hi, I'm Jena!

Wife to Steven- who happens to be my second shooter for weddings!

Mama to Piper- the sweetest, cutest two year old alive (I'm not biased or anything)

I'm a big believer in the little things being the big things in life. Those squeeze hugs from your kids. The laughter that spreads to your eyes and entire body when your family is just being silly together. The look in your eyes when you are head over heels in love whether it's brand new or 15 years old. That pure adrenaline as you get ready to say the big "I do." Just the real and imperfect moments that don't seem beautiful to you, but really are what life is all about. These are the parts of life that count at the end of that day. Let me capture them for you.


Some other important things you should know about me: California born & raised. Lover of DIY. Disneyland obsessed.