A Little About Me





So you want to know about me?

My name is Jena and I am married to the greatest guy on the planet.
I’m “mom” to the 2 cutest pups ever.
I cry during movies, songs and even commercials.
I’m an over-user of the words “cute” and “awesome”.
God is my #1 favorite person, with my husband coming in as a close second!
Mustard yellow is my favorite color and if everything I had could be that color, it would be.
I enjoy becoming friends with all my clients.
I watch too much TV and read more books than most.
I am obsessed with Harry Potter.
I call Real Life Church in Valencia my second home.
I teach Sunday school to Preschoolers and even though it’s crazy, I love it.
I spend my days working at an airport and looking at planes.
Photography is my passion and I can’t picture doing anything more rewarding.
And last, but not least, I’m awesome.

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[Photo taken by Brianna Venzke Photography]