Brennan & Kelsey | Santa Clarita Engagement Photographer

My sweet friend Kelsey and her (now) fiance are FINALLY tying the knot! I was so excited that they asked me to shoot their engagement session! Are they one of the most gorgeous couples you have ever seen or what?
Kelsey-9 Kelsey-2 Kelsey-34 Kelsey-57 Kelsey-60

Stone Family | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

My beautiful friend and her beautiful family were great to shoot as always! The boys sure love their new baby sister, I think she may be running the house before long!
Stone-4 Stone-15 Stone-41 Stone-54 Stone-60

Makenna | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

It was SUCH a pleasure to be able to shoot one of my very best friend’s birth stories. It happened so fast in the middle of the night that I missed the actual birth! I got the call that they were checking in at the hospital and by the time I threw on some clothes and drove over, she had just given birth! I missed it by literally 2 minutes! But it was wonderful to be able to get all the shots immediately after. And seriously, do you know anyone that looked better right after giving birth? I don’t!
MakennaBW-25 MakennaBW-37 MakennaBW-69 MakennaBW-57 MakennaBW-79 MakennaBW-59

The Brodrick Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

I just love the Brodrick family! They are good friends of mine and I love watching their littlest grow up!

brodrick-2 brodrick-10 brodrick-38 brodrick-1

The Davis Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

It’s crazy how quickly time goes by! I remember watching little Elijah enter this world and now he is ONE! I feel like I was just at the hospital yesterday. He is growing up so fast!

davis-9 davis-33 davis-23 davis-14 davis-6

Family at the Beach | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

Little Diego loves pirates! We made an attempt to create a cute little pirate adventure for him, but he didn’t stay interested for very long! We still had a great time and got some awesome shots!

Karla-17 Karla-46 Karla-33 Karla-9

Elizabeth’s Baby Shower | Santa Clarita Event Photographer

Some fun details from a baby shower my friend and I threw for one of our best friends!
Elizabeth-19 Elizabeth-3 Elizabeth-58 Elizabeth-13 Elizabeth-18 Elizabeth-53

Tholberg Wedding | Santa Clarita Wedding Photographer

I’ve really come to love shooting weddings and this one was no exception! I love me a good backyard wedding! This couple was so down to earth and funny and we enjoyed working with them.  Here’s to many happy years together as a family!

TholbergBW-1 GettingReady-3 GettingReady-31 Ceremony-22 Ceremony-62 Formals-114 Formals-79 Formals-85 TholbergBW-35 Reception-3 Reception-104 Reception-43 Reception-161

The Santillos | Santa Clarita Child Photographer

I’ve been capturing this awesome family for a while now! It’s crazy that little Stella is already one! She wanted pretty much nothing to do with pictures this time, but we got some smiles out of her in the end!

Santillo-3 Santillo-6 Santillo-30

The Austin Family | Santa Clarita Maternity Photographer

Had a great time with the Austins! I’m looking forward to watching their little girl grow up!

Austin-6 Austin-3 Austin-31