Anthony & Salina | Santa Clarita Engagement Photographer

This couple was a blast! We had an awesome time!

Salina-5 Salina-3 Salina-18 Salina-48 Salina-54 SalinaBW-5 SalinaBW-14

VanderPal | Santa Clarita Birth Photographer

It was such a joy to be able to capture some of this little one’s first moments here. I just love this family!
Vanderpal-22 Vanderpal-4 VanderpalBW-12 VanderpalBW-28

Tyler & Katie | Santa Clarita Engagement Photographer

I LOVED this session! When I met Katie to talk about her upcoming wedding, we got chatting about books and Harry Potter. Two of my favorite things! I knew that we HAD to tie both into their session and we had the best time!

Katie-19 Katie-16 Katie-14 Katie-59 Katie-56

Hundley Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

I love watching families grow over the years and I was so excited to meet this family’s newest addition!

Hundley-1 Hundley-7 Hundley-17 Hundley-20 Hundley-37 Hundley-40 Hundley-46

Baby Emma | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

Such a little doll. She fit right in with her toys!

Emma-10 Emma-3 Emma-42 Emma-44

Hayes | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

This little guy was such a cutie!

Hayes-18 Hayes-10 HayesBW-1 HayesBW-6

Brennan & Kelsey | Santa Clarita Engagement Photographer

My sweet friend Kelsey and her (now) fiance are FINALLY tying the knot! I was so excited that they asked me to shoot their engagement session! Are they one of the most gorgeous couples you have ever seen or what?
Kelsey-9 Kelsey-2 Kelsey-34 Kelsey-57 Kelsey-60

Stone Family | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

My beautiful friend and her beautiful family were great to shoot as always! The boys sure love their new baby sister, I think she may be running the house before long!
Stone-4 Stone-15 Stone-41 Stone-54 Stone-60

Makenna | Santa Clarita Baby Photographer

It was SUCH a pleasure to be able to shoot one of my very best friend’s birth stories. It happened so fast in the middle of the night that I missed the actual birth! I got the call that they were checking in at the hospital and by the time I threw on some clothes and drove over, she had just given birth! I missed it by literally 2 minutes! But it was wonderful to be able to get all the shots immediately after. And seriously, do you know anyone that looked better right after giving birth? I don’t!
MakennaBW-25 MakennaBW-37 MakennaBW-69 MakennaBW-57 MakennaBW-79 MakennaBW-59

The Brodrick Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

I just love the Brodrick family! They are good friends of mine and I love watching their littlest grow up!

brodrick-2 brodrick-10 brodrick-38 brodrick-1