Martinez Wedding | Paramount Ranch Wedding Photographer

This wedding was amazing! This location is actually where my husband and I originally wanted to get married (we ended up somewhere else) so we loved seeing a wedding in action there! All the details and time that went into this wedding showed. I loved every minute of it!

Martinez-6 Martinez-13 Martinez-23 Martinez-11 Martinez-14 Martinez-30 Martinez-33 Martinez-37 Martinez-41 Martinez-50 Martinez-48 Martinez-53 Martinez-1 Martinez-56 Martinez-54 Martinez-55 Martinez-60

Wedding coordinator/planner: Simply Chic by Carrie
Videographer: Perryfield Films
Venue: Paramount Ranch

The Ragsdale Family | Oak Park Family Photographer

Family natural light photos at sunset Ragsdale-family-photo-golden-hour-holding-hands Ragsdale-18 Ragsdale-46

The Fowlers | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

It doesn’t get much cuter than twin babies and cute Christmas pajamas! We had this session planned for months and we love how it turned out!

Fowler-2 Fowler-11 Fowler-16 Fowler-25 Fowler-38

The Walkers | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

The Walker Family was a joy to work with! They were cracking jokes and having a great time which always makes my job so much more fun and easy!

Walker-5 Walker-37 Walker-45 Walker-24

Gaudino Family Portraits | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

This family was fun! And anyone that brings their dog along automatically becomes one of my favorites! Your pets are one of the family, so I love when people want them in their pictures!

Gaudino-33 Gaudino-7 Gaudino-44 Gaudino-39

The Daly Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

Cold, drizzly weather couldn’t stop us from getting some gorgeous shots at this shoot! I think it worked in my favor to be honest. ;)

Daly-20 Daly-23 Daly-39 Daly-6

The Frank Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

The Frank Family was great! The little ones laughed almost the whole session! It was a photographer’s dream!

Frank-32 Frank-5 Frank-54

Chayse | Santa Clarita Child Photographer

My sweet, little nephew is another year older! I can’t believe how time flies!

Chayse-22 Chayse-17

Porter Extended Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

Another large extended family shoot! These have grown to be one of my favorite type of sessions. I love seeing a large family interacting and enjoying each other!
Three generation family outside fall colors portrait Lindsee-grandparents-grandchildren-outdoors-autumn-leaves Lindsee-family-couples-fall-portrait Lindsee-family-children-autumn-family Lindsee-family-baby-fall-leaves Lindsee-couples-fall-portrait

The Smith Family | Santa Clarita Family Photographer

I photographed the Smith family last year and when the mom contacted me about an idea she had for Christmas pictures this year, I swooned! I loved seeing this idea come to life! Can you blame me?!
Smith-Family-portrait Smith-styled-sisters-outside-blue-couch Smith-sisters-couch-street Smith-family-portrait-storyboard